The country of Africa

Africa’s Drinking Problem: Alcoholism on the Rise as Beverage Multinationals Circle
“OMG! Our continent has a drinking problem. All over 50 countries have a drinking problem?”

This is the first question that runs through my head as I read the headline for an article published by the times magazine on 29th August . To further satisfy my curiosity, I go ahead to read the article only to find out that this article is centred on Kenya.

AAAH!!!! When did Kenya become Africa? How similar are Kenyans to the rest of the African continent?

What sort of sample size is this? Tweaaa.

Many westerners perceive our beloved continent (Africa) as a country. This perception for argument’s sake couImageld be rationalised as African unity. This brings to mind some acclaimed bodies like the African Union, the ECOWAS and SADC.

However, Africa as country becomes an issue when only one side of the story is being told. When one country’s downfall is blown out of proportion and this unconsciously affects the other 52 countries.

It is also true that the continent of Africa is home to many of the poorest countries in the world. But there is the other story.  It does have some of the richest nations as well. What happens to the untold story of how rich the African culture is? Rich both in wealth and culture. Take for instance the economic wealth of Seychelles and Botswana

It’s high time a conscious effort is made to consider Africa as a continent and not a country. If not for anything, for the differences in our rich cultures, language and religion.

Edwina Dokosi & Harriet Mate-Kole


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