Homosexuality in Morocco : To go or stay?

Very recently, Moroccans have moved out of hiding and publicly expressed their sexual feelings for people of the same sex. King of Morocco, King Sidi Moulay was recently outed as being gay. Though he has not come out to publicly declare this rumor true, neither has he denied it. Morocco is one out of 7 Islamic countries that still frown upon this activity. The court has however proven to be very lenient against Lesbianism, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) charges. A few years ago, 2 men were caught expressing their feelings at a police checkpoint. They were arrested and sentenced to 3 months in prison, a charge less than what the Moroccan law, Article 489 of the Penal code with criminalizes “lewd or unnatural acts with an individual of the same sex” and is punishable from 4 months to 3 years.

With all these and more, is there a need to still enforce this law? We think not. Kif Kif is a magazine published by an organization of gay people to protect their freedom of expression. Though being counter attacked, the magazine has been able to capture the attention of many, including the Moroccan government and raises strong arguments in favor of Homosexuality. In an article published in Menassat, a Lebanese writer explains the motivation for Kif Kif, stating “The only thing we can do is add our own voice to the debate in the hope that we will be able to change, even if we realize that such a thing is quite impossible in the near future.”

Looking back from 2007 to today, it has been observed that the Moroccan government has slowly moved from a closed society to a more open one. This is evident from the governments’ refusal to ban Elton Jon, a popular gay singer from performing, stating that, “We did not invite this singer/artist after assessing his private life.” They furthermore explained that his private life was none of their business. Also, the release of the above mentioned gay-interest Magazine is evidence that Morocco’s society is now opening up and developing.

Moreover, the country has entertained especially gay tourists to practice this activity in the country with the most popular event happening some years back where a social gathering was instead a gay party. YouTube videos were posted after this party displaying extremely suspicious gay activities. Even though this party raised legal actions, the activity has more or less, proven to be extremely active in the country.

Now, the question remains…is there a need for homosexuality to be removed, or should it stay? Personally, my colleague author and I suggest that homosexuality is an activity that does not have detrimental effects on humans, Morocco, or the world as a whole. Thus, we feel that the Moroccan government remove the ban on homosexuality and concentrate on much more important aspects within the country. Homosexuality, though some argue as being ungodly must be learned to be accepted by the citizens of Morocco or tolerate the upcoming gay population that are slowly over shadowing the country.

By : Mr. QiChen

Mr. Fred Asiedu


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