FemiNazi Much?

By: Jessica Naa Ahiney Boifio and Jeanne-Barbara Esinam Debre

All over the world, there has been an increase in the number of women who have taken up positions in either in the boardroom or in parliament, thanks to the quota system. Africa certainly is in the thick of it. Rwanda has women taking up 51 out of 80 seats in parliaments thanks to a legislative quota set making it the country with the largest percentage of women in parliament (64%). South Africa ranks 8th with 42% of women in parliament, and the Central Bank Governor being a woman as well. Liberia and Malawi have female presidents too. Nigeria has joined the fray by increasing its quota from 5% to 7% via mandatory quotas.http://econ.st/1pELwox

If you have no idea what quotas are well…http://bit.ly/1pELbCk

In Africa, women play a major role in all aspects of life, especially economically within the agricultural sector. There have been calls and refrains to get women a much stronger voice by giving them a bigger representation in ‘power positions’. Usually these are backed by the need for equality powered by feminists because in the world as we have it, macho men really wouldn’t want to lose even a small part of the power they wield. Don’t get it wrong, there’s nothing wrong with fighting for equality when the intention is right. Imagine people calling for more women with the right qualifications and capabilities to actually make a difference to be represented. Or even suggesting training and honing skills and passion of women who want to serve but do not have the right qualifications to do so. That’s fine. That’s more than fine.

When it crosses over to the absurd where the anthem becomes “throw as many of them in because they are women” and you ask, “well ok…but what qualifications do they have to become board chairpersons, ministers, members of parliament?” and the answers range from “they are women. We need more women” to “equality, equality, equality” or something along the lines of “she sounds nice, looks nice, maybe she can’t talk but she is beautiful” there lies a problem. There’s where the feminazis pitch their camp; where the push for number far outweighs that for people who can actually do the job, and where the point is lost.

Feminazis. Mix of hardcore feminists with Nazi tendencies.

What’s the point of all of this? It’s great that we’re fighting for ‘equality’ for women however, perhaps more resources should be put into training these women to do what is expected of them when promoted or support should be given them in the areas where they excel and thrive. Otherwise really, what is the point?




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