United States of Africa: To embrace or not to embrace. Florence Botwe Bempong


What has really kept me thinking? Africa has indeed kept me thinking over the years and even much more as I write this argument. I sleep and I wake up but these questions never seem to sleep in my mind as they run through my mind over and over again. Have you ever thought of when Africa is going to be peaceful, dependent, developed and honored globally. I remember back then in Junior High school during our Social Studies classes there were always topics about problems in Africa, disadvantages and the solutions to these problems. After Junior High school, I thought the years ahead would give Africa a new face, nevertheless in Senior High school I was hit with these same issues. Having to go through the cycle of being reminded of the persistent problems facing Africa and the way forward was more of a cliché than an attempt to solve the problems that affected about one billion people.
Just as in the image above the face of Africa has expressed its hunger, thirst, suffering, and struggles with just a tint of hope for far too long. Every now and then I wish this tint of hope will surface enough to make Africa smile. So then where does the problem lie, who or what is the problem and how can it be solved is a question I cannot answer alone but would plead the indulgence of all honored citizens of this continent. Let’s keep this hanging for the time been.
Africans woke up to a new hope of a united Africa. The notion of this new vision and hope sounded very genuine and life changing but “hey” after sometime of being in a pensive mood I realized if Africa is ready to be united. Unity they say brings about victory but one has to know what it takes for people to be united. I would not say the vision of the late president of Libya Muammar Al-Gaddafi is a fallacy even though he did not gain approval from some of his associate leaders in Africa, rather it is a vision that has to be enormously invested into.
The benefits of a united Africa cannot be disregarded. Some people are of the view that a united Africa would bring stability to the continent and also give the continent a strong front to tackle issues concerning the global world. It would also be liberated from the manipulations of other countries to fulfill their desires. As a continent I believe there has to be some form of preparations as to the vision of a united Africa otherwise the repercussions would be appalling and unbearable as we would look confused to the other parts of the world.
One thing I believe Africa has to addresses is conflicts and its management. In Africa there are a lot of tribal, regional and national conflicts that would not help the vision of Africa to be a reality. How can Africa unite if in the smallest villages and towns people see themselves as enemies, Anglophones and Francophones but not Africans. Elections in most parts of Africa are based on political lines and a typical example is what happens in Kenya and Ghana. Moreover I believe for Africa to be united it is paramount for Africans to have a common goal that would be driven by a passion to move Africa forward where leaders would move from the point of caring for themselves and their families and followers fully participating in the affairs of the continent.
I would also like us to be reminded of the requirements of a united Africa. One Africa means one president with ministers, one parliament and one legislative process I might as well add ONE LOVE. To embrace a united Africa is possible but the question is how prepared are we? United States of Africa: To embrace or not to embrace.


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