We know what happened after ‘they’ came; we know what their ‘coming’ did to our continent. We know of the national boarders that materialized the imposition of ideals and a cultural invasion that marginalized us. We know of the medical breakthroughs, the incomprehensible infrastructural advances and relish in the outrageous roller-coaster of fashion trends each year. But alas, what we do not know and will probably never know, is what things would have been like if our colonizers had never dropped anchor at our shores. Well let us walk you through our own version of what would have been true then.

The Uncolonized African Continent

For starters, there would have been no slaves, well at least not African ones. The industrial revolution would have taken forever to come around. All of that arable land in the European colonies would have been burial grounds for the Native Americans who would have died trying to till the land. The world’s greatest economies would have suffered greatly and the Berlin Conference would have been held to discuss what to do with all of the land. In fact the World Wars would have probably never happened because there would be no food for the soldiers, especially not sugar. Ben Bella would have never joined the French army because there would have been no racial indiscrimination to fuel his decision to do so. Leopold Sengor would have become a planter and trader like his father and Kwame Nkrumah would have been mending shoes or catching game in the bushes of Nkroful. Rosa Parks would have been playing ‘pilolo’ in Cape Coast somewhere and Malcom X would have never known social theory. Martin Luther King wouldn’t have had a dream and Obama wouldn’t have been such a big deal. In fact Jay Z would have been Mutende Mulongo, a Zambian Herdsman and we would still be commending Kai Mansa (Beyonce) on her immaculate kenkey making skills at New Ashonmang. Even more interesting to note, Obinim and Efia Schwarznegga would have never had that ridiculous fight because who would bother with Christianity and false prophets on a continent that had never heard of Jesus?

Amanda Ofosu-Siaw

Justina Sefakor Etteh

Joseph Amo Nti


8 thoughts on “WHAT IF THEY NEVER CAME?”

  1. That’s a big eye opener..
    Really y makes you stop focusing on what the whites brought to our continent but rather what would have been if they hadn’t come🙆🙆🙆🌞🌞🌞

  2. Quite hilarious, i love the bit about Afia and Obinim. Jay Z and Beyonce will not be amused by this though…She might have become one of the best agbadza dancers, dancing and singing with so much enthusiasm at “by the fire side village square meetings” during full moons. Nice one. Portia H

  3. Interesting piece, from all the back and forth on the discussions in class, it is refreshing to think from the perspective of “What if they never came?” I guess its worth closing our eyes to all the woes our colonizers brought to us and looking at the brighter side of things. If Africa could have been better without their presence, what stops us from working hard to make a good name for ourselves? Henrrietta Dzisi

  4. Hilarious. Totally agree. But if they never came as well we wouldn’t have had a higher being to look up to. We would probably have to sacrifice our children to atone for our sins and we probably wouldn’t have been enlightened as we our now. Its both a blessing and a curse that they came
    -Precious Nyarko-Antwi

  5. We are more effective when we do things our own way than when we copy what works for others because their style might not work for us. If those people never came, we would have been better off in our own way. we could have also gone to them for advice when necessary.

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