Will Boko Haram succeed in becoming the Islamic state of Africa?

RThe topic for discussion and reading was Africa and Islam which is a very delicate matter. Islam in Africa has a very rich and long history, which begins from the seventh century. No one actually knows how many Muslims are in Africa but one thing for sure is that Islam is the largest religion in Africa with about 50% of the population being Muslims. In contrast to this, 33% are Christians and less than 10% are non-religious or adherents of traditional African religion.
This blog seeks to draw relations between Africa and Islam and Terrorism, the terrorist group under scope being Boko Haram. Boko Haram just like the Islamic State is waging a holy war in Africa. Like ISIS they are trying to establish their own caliphate, a modern islamic state. It is interesting to know that for several years Boko Haram just focused their efforts on just Nigeria but in recent years are creating chaos across the West African region. Today, the violence in Nigeria is spilling across its borders into Cameroon, Chad and Niger. Still, in places like southeast Niger where Americans Neal and Dannette Childs have established numerous churches, people in the thousands, especially Christians, are fleeing from the jihadists’ terror. “The Christians are having to leave,” Danette Childs said. “This is a serious situation and right now as we speak there are people on the road heading west, trying to get away from Boko Haram.”
Boko Haram was started in 2002. Their goal/objective is to turn Nigeria into Africa’s largest oil producer and biggest economy. They also envision an era where Africa becomes an Islamic state ruled by Sharia law. Boko Haram is a Jihadist movement that shares a similar ideology to other Salafist Jihadist movements as al Qaeda, the Taliban and al Shabaab.
The Boko Haram fighters have killed people in the thousands. 2014 alone recorded Boko Haram murdering more than 2,400 Christians. It is even more disturbing to know that Boko Haram has repeatedly praised ISIS’s apocalyptic Islamic Ideology and that if a possible operational alliance was forged between the two groups it could have catastrophic consequences at an even larger scale.
Ekow Addaquaye
Omar Khadi
John Oteng-Nyame


4 thoughts on “Will Boko Haram succeed in becoming the Islamic state of Africa?”

  1. Is saddens me that just 1% or even less of the Islamic community, is giving a bad reputation to the whole of Islam and their actions are not communicating what Islam is about.
    – Precious Nyarko-Antwi

  2. This is when it makes sense to have United State of Africa where forces can be combined from different nations to battle such groups to bring peace on our land.

  3. Sad indeed, sometimes I wonder why African Heads of States cannot come together to find a solution to this injustice. I just can’t understand how killing innocent souls would enable Boko Haram to achieve its goals. I hope we find a solution to this crisis sooner than later in order to maintain peace in Africa.
    Henrrietta Dzisi

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