By Precious Nyarko-Antwi, Portia Honu and Andrews Osei Bonsu

Defining myself, as opposed to being defined by others is one of the most difficult challenges I faceCarol Moseley-Braun

One of the most difficult challenges that the African woman faces is how she is being defined by the rest of the world, especially the West. The typical ideology associated with such stereotypes include the African woman being that poor farmer in a village which cannot be found on the map with hardly anything to feed on or that skinny woman stricken with HIV/AIDS who has to cater for a  child with a bulged rib cage threatening to dissociate itself from his/her body. It seems obvious that an African woman is one of the descriptions aforementioned. Nevertheless, she is also the politician, the successful author changing the mindsets about Africa with her writing, a musician influencing change and lifestyles with her lyrics and finally, one preaching life into her congregation.

Sirleaf Johnson Ellen

This is a strong African woman politician who is listeSirleafd on the second annual list of Fortune Magazine’s world’s 50 greatest leaders.  From mending a nation after a war that lasted over a decade, to bringing her government to bear the full weight of the ebola epidemic, she is the only kind who could save her country twice. Who is she? An African woman!

Chimamanda Ngozi Adechie


Her work which has been translated into thirty languages has  won her a number of awards including the Orange Prize, National Book Critics Circle Award 2013 and the Commonwealth Writers Prize. She was also listed among the Ten Best Books of 2013, New York Times Book Review for Americanah and listed among the 100 Most Influential Africans 2013, New African. Who is she? An African woman!

Tiwa Savage
Tiwa-savage-performing Born in Nigeria, bred in London, she launched into her music career at the age of 16. By virtue of her achievement in the music industry, Tiwa together with other renowned musicians have been advocates for several youth empowerment initiatives using the universal language of music to challenge the youth to be better versions of themselves. Who is she? An African woman!

comfort-ocranComfort Ocran is an award-winning motivational speaker, a renowned author of several inspirational books and a corporate training consultant. Comfort has used her motivational seminar, the springboard roadshow as a platform to help young people to identify the bottlenecks of their lives in order to activate the fame and success that belong to them.Who is she?An African woman!

The African woman is no longer the sickly one with no one hope, but actually the one who brings hope to all. She is beautiful and determined  but most importantly, strong willed and willing to take calculated risk. The African woman has evolved!!!



  1. Great piece, it is sad to know that despite the numerous achievements of African women in our world today, the West still chooses to portray them as poor and unimportant in society. While working on changing the world’s perspective of African women I hope that more young girls would draw much inspiration from Africa’s Top Leading Women like the ones in the blog and strive to attain much more than they have. The more of such women Africa produces, the higher the chances of change in Africa!!!
    Henrrietta Dzisi

  2. I believe culture has a part to play in the almost inherent subjugation of the African woman by society. In a continent where most countries are patriarchal, women have taken a backseat even since the colonial era. Women need to demand more not for equality but for the appreciation of their worth as able contributors to development and not as an oppressed minority.
    Daniel Adae Bonsu

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