The Greener the Grass

bundu Africa1Greener pastures; the most tired excuse for migration ever and it needs to be put to rest. The great Maya Angelou once said… “If you think the grass is greener over there, rest assured that the water bill is higher there too.” But do we ever think of the water bill? Or the fertilizer? Or the cost of mowing that very green lawn?

Let’s forget the pull factors for a bit and focus on the push factors, why is our grass not as green? I mean how hard is it to keep grass green right? But it all comes down to who is in charge; the person who calls the gardener, pays the water bill, turns the sprinkler on and such. If no one will then rest assured the grass will be browner than a good piece of toast. And people who want to roll around on a magnificent green lawn will definitely pack bag and baggage and go find it elsewhere. So don’t blame the stowaways, the surgeons, the media moguls, everyone is looking for greener pastures. If those running their countries refuse to pay the gardener, they will find it somewhere else, after all there is nothing appealing about brown grass.

 John Oteng-Nyame

Ama Asiedua Akoto

Joseph Amo Nti


3 thoughts on “The Greener the Grass”

  1. Well everyone does like greener pastures but if we keep moving in search of greener pastures who do we expect to make the grass green and who would be left to make the grass green? Likewise if we all keep running away to the private sector, who would be left in the public to enhance our systems? I guess the decision to make the grass greener depends on us
    – Precious Nyarko-Antwi

  2. The solution does not lie in running away when the grass turns brown. Some people stood in for Ghana at the risk of their lives just because they wanted the best for we their future generations(us) . It is now our turn to do same. Instead of running away from the problem, we can use our knowledge and expertise to turn things around.

  3. Indeed, there is nothing appealing about brown grass. I feel there are some however who have come to terms with the brown side of the grass and refuse to move. Do we commend these people for their commitment or chastise them for their lack of ambition?
    Daniel Adae Bonsu

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